English Coachman's/ Gentleman's Pocket Lantern
It is a lantern in a box.

It measures approximately 5" x 3"x 1" when closed. Slides easily into your coat pocket. When opened, the candle base can be swung out and a third side panel of mica closes the lantern's third side.
When folded the box will hold 2 or three candles approximately 4" long. Open the pane of mica keeps the breezes from burning the candle as quickly and keeps the lantern safer from loose shirtsleeves.
This is a perfect companion to one of our journals with laid paper and Goose Bay's pocket inkwell and sanders (not included of course contact Goose Bay for them )   $35.00

Paul Revere Lantern
Cylinder of pierced tin Approximately 16" x 5" $35.00.

Triangle Lantern
Glass on all three sides to emit as much light as possible Approximately 9 ½ " x 6" $38.00

ROOT CANDLES PRINTABLE PAGE....link removed, being updated with change in candles and price increase

 NOTICE: Our price on candles has tripled this year. We still will carry the Root brand candles. However, the cost will have to include the increase. We will try to keep the cost of the candles to $12 or less per box. These candles are of such quality, it is still a deal in comparison with other candles available.                                                                                                                

I am sorry, however we are sold out of the old stock at the 2007 prices. We thank all of you for your purchases last year, and the first quarter of 2008.

We are currently searching other suppliers of quality candles. We will post information on new supplier if there is a change and costs of the candles upon receipt of new stock.

Thank you for your patience. Darylee Foertsch, Proprietor.

A.I. Root Candles available
Most readily available are the 5" x 1 1/4", 7" x 1 ¼ " Collenettes (molded), and 6" dipped all with a standard base to fit most any lantern or candlestick.

These are over runs and damaged boxes of candles.
The candles are whole and intact but we cannot guarantee color choice.

Candles manufactured by the A.I Root Company, Medina, Ohio.
Founded 1869 by Amos Ives Root

Order by first choice and second choice in candle color. Please be certain to provide a phone number (daytime) in the case either of the choices are not available.

5" and 7" Collenettes
      Perhaps the finest dinner candles available anywhere,
      these unscented beeswax-enriched Collenettes are unmatched in beauty.
      Its wide
1-1/4" diameter assures a virtual drip free performance,
       while the
7/8" tapered base will fit most any candle holder.
      These candles burn approximately 2 ½ hours per inch

6" Dipped Tapers
Truly reflective of Root quality, the unscented taper candles are
hand dipped - not molded, and are solid color throughout, unlike others with white centers and only a brush of colors on the outside.
Root's continuous dipping process adds up to 35 individual layers of wax, with its satin-like finish that's subtle, natural and
elegant 7/8" diameter base.
These candles burn approximately 1 hour Per inch

Ohio residents add  Ohio Sales Tax for county on total plus shipping per 1983 tax laws.

Phone: 614-885-5614
Email: Orders@MuddyFlintTrades.com
Muddy Flint Trades, P.O. Box 340853, Columbus, OH, 43234