All sorts of Pretties for Sale 
Men's shirts, Women's shifts, Women's skirts, and Reticules. (Small drawstring bag purses)
Reticules, Hairclips, Hair and neck ribbons and hats made to match.
Email Contact for availability and pricing on items +SwapladyBabe@MuddyFlintTrades.com

Women's hats

Straw-hat base with decorative ribbons and flowers
Also available are fully covered straw hats with ribbons and flowers. contact for specifications and colors of ribbon swampladybabe@muddyflinttrades.com $35.00 and up

Leather Hair Barrette
Large Barrette with 4" wood stick through a decorative leather piece No metal  $5.00

Mystery Knot Hair Barrette
Large Barrette 4" wood stick through an ocean knot made from round leather thong. No metal parts Black or Brown  $5.00

$3.00 each

Horn Spoons
7" made from buffalo horn $5.00 each

Quill Earrings and Feather Earrings                           
Porcupine quill dangle Decorated with seed beads Hung from a French wire earring.
Feather dangle Decorated with seed beads Hung from a French wire earring.

Bodice Pins Brass Bodice pins - straight pins with curl of wire at top. Pack of 5 $1.50

Hat Pins       Brass Hat pin with glass bead and other decorations. If a certain length is desired, specify in comments on order specify primary color desired in glass bead 2.00

Hair Sticks      Ornamental sticks for keeping your bun in place. Various styles  $10.00 each $18.00 pair

Hair Clips with flowers and ribbons made from plastic, wood wire or horn. Specify main color of preference  Contact for specifics

Hair Comb wire or plastic with flowers and ribbons specify main color of preference. plastic molded comb is clear, or imitation tortoise shell. Contact for specifications

Hair ribbon barrettes with flowers

Pair of barrettes decorated with braided ribbons. Specify color of preference Contact for specifics

Pair of barrettes decorated with braided ribbons. Specify color of preference. Contact for specifics

Swamp, Pronunciation: 'swämp, 'swomp : a wetland often partially or intermittently covered with water; especially : one dominated by woody vegetation

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